Henry George Madan

Henry George Madan (né le et mort le ) est un chimiste, professeur et académicien anglais.

Il voit le jour à Cam Vicarage, dans le Gloucestershire, en Angleterre, l’ainé de George Mandan camelbak water bottle. À la suite de son éducation au Collège Marlborrough, il obtient une exposition ouverte au College Corpus Christi de Oxford. Il obtient un baccalauréat universitaire ès lettres en 1860, il est membre d’un groupe d’élite du college Queens de Oxford en 1861 et il obtient une maîtrise universitaire ès lettres en 1864. Il reçoit la maîtrise universitaire ès sciences au collège Eton, où il travaillera pendant vingt ans . Il est élu membre la société de chimie, et il publie différents travaux sur la chimie et la physique. Il coédite Exercises in practical chemistry (Exercices en chimie pratique) avec A. G. V. Harcourt, qui devient un manuel de référence pendant de nombreuses années par la suite .

L’astronome américain Asaph Hall découvre les deux satellites de la planète Mars en 1877. Différents noms sont proposés, mais Hall, choisit la suggestion de Madan, qui lui propose les noms de Deimus (plus tard Deimos) et Phobus (plus tard Phobos). Ces noms sont mentionnés dans le quinzième livre de Homère l’Illiade, ligne 199. Henry est le frère de Falconer Madan (1851-1935) un bibliothécaire, bibliographe et historien du livre britannique. Il est entre autres bibliothécaire de la bibliothèque Bodléienne de l’université de Oxford. Falconner est aussi le grand père de Venetia Burney (1918-2009), qui a la particularité d’être la première personne à suggérer le nom Pluton pour la planète naine, découverte en 1930.

Madan est impliqué dans un accident de camion, il est amputé d’un bras. Sa santé ne récupère pas, et il meurt quelques mois plus tard top football uniforms.

At Point Blank

At Point Blank (Swedish: Rånarna) is a 2003 Swedish action film. It stars Mikael Persbrandt, Stina Ekblad, Sofia Helin and Peter Franzén.

The film involves a skillful team of professional thieves who hit several banks in Stockholm. The police investigation is led by 33-year-old chief inspector Klara (Sofia Helin) and Greger Krona (Stefan Sauk) who are led to the source, with a fatal exit.

Klara remington shaver saver, a chief inspector of the Stockholm robbery commission, is in love with Frank (Mikael Persbrandt), a surgeon for Doctors Without Borders. The story opens during a bank robbery unlike any in Swedish history, carried out with military professionalism.

The thieves disappear with the money, and their escape car is found burning in a forest. Heavily-armed police surround the forest. Suddenly, one of the robbers starts shooting a police helicopter searching the forest, providing cover for the robbers so they have time to escape.

Klara and her colleague, Krona soon realize that they are not dealing with ordinary bank robbers. The thieves have information on bank delivery times, police work, safety, and their behavior is extreme. The hunt is intense running wrist pouch, the villains’ methods becoming frighteningly more sophisticated.

Corner in Celebrities Historic District

Corner in Celebrities Historic District is a neighborhood located in the north section of Frankfort, Kentucky that is designated an historic district because of the high concentration of structures that previously belonged to notable residents. The area contains the historic homes of George M. Bibb, Benjamin G. Brown, James Brown, John Brown, John J. Crittenden, Thomas Crittenden, James Harlan, John Marshall Harlan, Robert P. Letcher, Thomas Metcalfe, Charles Slaughter Morehead, Hugh Rodman, Thomas Todd, George G. Vest, and John C. Watson. The area was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places in 1971.

The town of Frankfort, Kentucky was founded in 1786 on 100 acres (40 ha) of land on the north side of the Kentucky River on property owned by General James Wilkinson. After Kentucky became the fifteenth American state in 1792, Frankfort was named the state capital.

Wapping Street is a public thoroughfare located in northern Frankfort that runs east and west parallel to the Kentucky River through the Corner in Celebrities historic district. The street was named for the “Old Wapping Stairs” in London by homesick Englishman, John Instone, a friend of the town’s founder.

The Thomas Todd House is located at 320 Wapping Street. The Federal style structure was built in 1812 by either Hayden Edwards or William Walker with the Victorian style features added later.

After serving in the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War, Thomas Todd studied law and land surveying under his cousin Harry Innes. In 1784 Todd move to Kentucky when Judge Harry Innes was appointed to begin the federal court in Danville, Kentucky thermos insulated water bottle with straw. During his time in Danville, Todd served as a clerk for five Constitutional Conventions regarding Kentucky’s statehood. After being admitted to the bar in 1788, Todd was a clerk to federal Judge Innes and served as the clerk of the Kentucky House of Representatives until 1799 when the Kentucky Supreme Court was created and Todd was appointed its chief clerk. Kentucky Governor James Garrard appointed Todd to fill the a newly added seat to the Court, and five years later he was named Chief Justice of the Kentucky Court. In 1807, United States President Thomas Jefferson appointed Todd, then age forty-one, to United States Supreme Court where he served until his death in 1826. After his appointment to the Supreme Court, Todd remained active in local and state affairs.

In 1818, while serving on the U.S. Supreme Court, Todd purchased the house on Wapping Street and lived there with his second wife Lucy (Payne) Washington, sister of Dolley Madison. Todd died on February 7, 1826 and was buried in the Innes family cemetery. Later Todd was reinterred in the at Frankfort Cemetery.

The Vest-Lindsey House is located at 401 Wapping Street. The building, a twelve-room Federal style house, was constructed in approximately 1798 making the structure one of the oldest houses in Frankfort. The House was the childhood home of United States Senator George Graham Vest. Vest served in the Senate for 25 years until his death in 1903. Vest is best remembered for his closing trial remarks where he coined the line “Dog is man’s best friend.”

Daniel Lindsey, a Union Army General during the American Civil War and Adjutant General and Inspector General of Kentucky’s military forces, bought the building from Vest in 1846. The Lindsey family owned the property until it was purchased by the Commonwealth of Kentucky in 1965.

The Bibb-Burnley House, also called Gray Gables, is located at 411 Wapping Street.

In 1856, John Bibb relocated to Frankfort from Logan County after being elected to the Kentucky Legislature. Bibb bought the property on Wapping Street that had a home built by John Instone, one of the first houses built in the town. Bibb built a new twenty-one room Gothic Revival house on the site using material from the original structure.

Mary Anne Burnley, a niece of Bibb, lived in the house. Burnley’s interest in culture and the arts associates the house with several prominent writers and musicians including John Fox, Jr. and Robert Burns Wilson.

Wilkinson Street is a public thoroughfare named for town founder, General Wilkinson, who ran a ferry on the northern bank of the Kentucky River where the street started. The street runs north through the Corner in Celebrities historic district.

The Crittenden-Garrad House, also called the Hoge House, is located at 302 Wilkinson Street. The Federal style structure was constructed in approximately 1810. Property records show that Frankfort Judge Jacob Swigert and his wife Rebecca were early owner of the house. In 1855, the Swigert’s sold the property to Thomas Crittenden. Crittenden, the son of John J. Crittenden, was a Major General for the Union Army in the American Civil War. Additionally, Crittenden was U.S. Consul to Liverpool and later Kentucky State Treasurer.

In 1859, James H. Garrard, the grandson of Kentucky’s second Governor, purchased the property. Garrard served as a General for the Union Army in the American Civil War. Garrard represented Clay, Letcher, and Perry Counties in the Kentucky Constitutional Convention Later waistband for running, Garrard was the Kentucky State Treasurer from 1857 to 1865.

After James’ death, his wife Letitia continued to live in the home. The Garrard family retained the property until 1902 when the house was sold to Callaway Hoge, wife of Will H. Hoge. The Hoge family keep the home until after 1944.

Кёниг, Уолтер

14 сентября 1936(1936-09-14) (80 лет)

Чикаго, Иллинойс

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ID 0000479

Уолтер Кёниг (англ. Walter Koenig /keɪnɪg/) — американский киноактёр. Родился 14 сентября 1936 в Чикаго, штат Иллинойс, США.

Исполнил множество ролей в кинематографе и телевизионных постановках. Известен зрителю по роли Лейтенанта Павла Чехова в телесериале «Звёздный путь: Оригинальный сериал». Также исполнил роль Альфреда Бестера в сериале «Вавилон-5».

Актёр окончил Калифорнийский университет в Лос-Анджелесе best hydration for running, получив степень бакалавра психологии. Родители Уолтера были еврейскими иммигрантами из Литвы; при переезде Сара (в девичесте Штраусс) и Исадор сменили фамилию с Кёнигсберг на Кёниг. Отец Уолтера был бизнесменом.

Кёниг сыграл роль навигатора Павла Чехова космического корабля USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) в пилотном сериале медиафраншизы Звёздный путь, и в нескольких фильмах-спин-оффах сериала.

В 2007 году Уолтеру Кёнигу поступило предложение от группы гражданских прав кампании США по Мьянме (англ. human rights group U.S. Campaign for Burma) помочь им достичь населения США своим посланием о гуманитарном кризисе в Мьянме. Как сообщалось позднее на его официальном сайте Уолтера, он посетил лагерь беженцев на границе Таиланда и Мьянмы, оставаясь там с 16 по 25 июля 2007 года.

С 1965 года Уолтер Кёниг женат на Джуди Левитт, у них есть дети — сын Джош Эндрю Кёниг (покончил жизнь самоубийством весной 2010&nbsp football shirt online;г.) и дочь, Даниэль Кёниг (жена комика Джимми Пардо). Уолтер пережил операцию на сердце в 1993 году. Его роль в сериале «Вавилон-5» из-за этого оставалась под вопросом; однако создатель сериала Джозеф Майкл Стражински пообещал Уолтеру придержать это место за ним, внеся некоторые изменения в сценарий. Впоследствии роль досталась Уолтеру, он участвовал в нескольких сезонах съемок water bottle with handle.