Raj B meat tenderising. Vattikuti (Founder)
Tim Manney (President & Global CFO)
Raj Sundaresan (Global COO)
Ravi Palaniappan (President, India Operations)
Madhavan Satagopan (Chief Technology Officer)
Vamsi Krishna Vinjamuri ( Chief Marketing Officer)
Arvind Ramachandra (Chief Architect)
Dave Rocco (Global Project Delivery )
Asha Poluru (Chief People Experience (HR) (2012-2016))
Srikant Subramanian (Business Head – International)
Ravi Ravichandran (Business Unit Head West Coast (USA))
Atul Kumar (Business Unit Head -East coast (USA))
Bob Sundar (Business Unit Head Mid-West (USA))

Altimetrik was founded by Raj Vattikuti and is part of the Vattikuti Ventures. Raj Vattikuti is also the founder of Covansys, a technology and outsourcing company in India which was acquired by CSC in 2007 for 1.3 bn USD.

Altimetrik is headquartered in Michigan, USA with presence across several countries. Their main focus areas are Healthcare, Banking & Financial services, Payments, Retail, Telecom, Manufacturing and Hospitality. Altimetrik follows a design-led engineering approach for software development and they assemble and engineer their solutions & platforms in India and Uruguay.

Altimetrik’s “capability centres” are built around Customer Experience, User Experience & Design, Enterprise Cloud, Platforms & Solutions, Information Visualization, Information Engineering, Any-Device Computing and Quality Engineering.

Altimetrik was founded by Raj B. Vattikuti in 2012. Altimetrik initially acquired Thinkways, Enteg and Timba, which assisted the company to develop its financial inclusion and digital health platforms.

Altimetrik is headquartered in Southfield, Michigan, USA. The solutions and platforms are engineered in their offices in Princeton (USA), Bangalore (India), Chennai (India) and Montevideo (Uruguay). Altimetrik has six “Development Centres” located in – Chennai (two), Bangalore (two) and one each in Uruguay and USA. Altimetrik’s client base includes Banking, e-commerce, Payments, Healthcare and Retail cleat socks.